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Sunday, October 21, 2007

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my sissy nudewife "Probably, butshe just wantedme along formoral support, Ithink. Her dancewas very eroticand exciting andall the guysloved it. Iteven turned meon."

Jennifer turnedher head tothe other sideso she couldsee what herfather was doingto her sister.Her expression wasso glazed; Lindsaydoubted she wouldremember any ofthis.

"Can't adad come andsay hello tohis little boy?",he asked, lookinghurt

She undidhis belt. Soonhis pants andboxers were offand he pulledhis shirt overhis head.


He cameslowly and ourmutual gazes didnot break. Helay beside meand took mein his arms.The contact ofskin to skinwas like nothingI had feltbefore. He kissedmy face. Wekissed each otheron the lips,lingering, longing. Ishowered his facewith kisses Hereturned mine withkisses on myshoulders. Then hegently kissed mybosom. At that,I expected theshame to returnbut I wasnot ashamed. Instead,I felt wonderfullynaughty like thetimes we atethe forbidden biscuitsin the dark.Then he kissedmy face andlips again andI returned hiskisses with mine.

"Hmmm. Where isthe rest ofthe household?"

"He'sstill here," shesaid.

"Oh,God," she panted,looking at himin a daze,kissing him, hugginghim tightly toher. They stayedjoined for afew more minutes,until she realizedthat he wasstill hard, stillaroused.

Miyukifinished the aerobicsclass. She hatedsweating, but itwas a necessity.Her husband wasa retired Marineand even thoughhe was 10years older thanher, he kepthimself in topshape. And somehowMiyuki understood thatshe had todo the same.

She wishedhe would quitcalling her that.Such foul languagealways upset her,and she hadnever been referredto in suchderogatory terms. Ifher arms werefree she mighthave slapped himacross the faceand lectured him.As it was,her pussy submissivelyleaked juice downonto the Sybian.

She made aring with herforefinger and thumbaround the baseof his bigdick. She pinchedthere. Not completelysure what todo, she wrappedher other handaround him. Slowand unsure shestroked. He thrustinto her handand her thoughtsflew from hertask to thethrobbing her pussydid when shethought of himthrusting into her.She looked upinto his faceand extended hertongue to takeher first taste.Just the tipof her tonguetouched him andhis response rangin her ears.He groaned hername and stoppedhimself from thrustinginto the hot,wet, sanctuary ofher mouth.

"God, you're gorgeous,"he breathes, butI can't keepthe moment solemn,licking my lipsand giving himmy best fakeporn-star leer. Ihike up myskirt a bitso I canopen my legsfurther, and heleans toward me,trying to geta glimpse atthe same goodshe can getevery night athome. And then,even though I'vebeen joking around,the moment shifts.As I witnesshis desire, I'mstarting to feelsome of myown.

"I hopeI'm not disturbingyou. But Bob,Uh, Mr. Reynolds,asked me tosee if everythingis satisfactory. CanI get youanything? Or doanything for you?"I knew whatI'd like todo for, andto him.


Tom couldsee that hereally didn't havemuch choice atthis point. "Y...yes, Mommy."

Needlessto say thatour conversation gotvery hot, veryquickly - shetold me howshe could feelher hot pussystill tingling withbeing fucked hardand that shecould also feela trickle ofcunt juice tryingto escape. Samanthaasked me ifI'd like totaste it againand I eagerlyreply 'yes'. Sheparted her legsand I sawher hand disappearbetween her upperthighs. I triedto watch whatshe was doingwhilst still drivingalong. She partedher legs furtherand I couldthen see oneof her fingersdrag from theunderside of herhot cunt toher clit, gatheringat least someof the excessjuices onto it.She raised upher hand andoffered it tome to taste.I eagerly lentforward, taking herfinger into mymouth and Ihad an instanthard-on as Iwas reminded ofher sweetness.

Inursed him tohardness, gasping andcooing as lifepulsed into hiscock, through itswarm skin, andinto my lips.His jock stretchedand stretched, bulgingand bulging, pushingmy head outto continue lavishingmy tongue's attention.

carlos: and youthink i wouldthen find thatyou were notyet wet?